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Collaborative AR

May 2024: Collaborative AR Updates

AUTHOR: Versapay Team

We're excited to introduce several updates to our Collaborative AR solution, designed to enhance your experience and improve functionality. These updates streamline processes, increase security, and provide greater control, helping you manage your accounts receivable more efficiently.

Features & Enhancements

Enhanced Cash Application Access Controls

Supplier Admin users can now restrict team members with "User" level access from entering Cash Application within Collaborative AR. This update provides greater control over user access until fully customizable supplier roles are available in a future release.

Adding Payment Methods Page Enhancement

We’ve added the Check type (Personal or Business) option to all areas where US bank accounts can be added, including the supplier and customer portals and payment pages. This enhancement improves Collaborative AR's reporting capabilities with this added categorization.

PayNow Enhancements

We’ve made several key improvements to the Pay Now feature to enhance usability and functionality.

  • Payment Method Consent Option: The option for users to consent to save their payment method is now available, regardless of whether you offer a Customer Portal.

  • Improved Messaging for Pay URLs: We’ve enhanced messaging to provide appropriate feedback to customers clicking on a Pay URL for an invoice that hasn’t synced between Versapay and your ERP, ensuring clear communication and reducing confusion.

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