Versapay Team
Cash Application

May 24, 2024: Cash Application Update

AUTHOR: Versapay Team

User Interface Updates

Enhanced Remitter Name Handling for Check Payments

For clients who require a stored check remitter name for each check payment, if this value is not already included in their lockbox import file, any previously stored value will be displayed in the Remitter Name field of the Check Repair page, noting ‘Populated from History’. Users can keep and apply the stored value or enter a new one.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Inbound Email Domain Case Sensitivity: Removed case sensitivity from Inbound (ECA) Email skip domain values to ensure more incoming emails are correctly associated with the original sender.

  • Screen Reader and Keyboard Navigation Enhancements: Updated interaction support for screen readers and keyboard navigation. This includes adding a keyboard focus indicator to top-level hamburger menus, allowing screen readers to announce various options and buttons in Zoom Search and Advice Matching, improving keyboard navigation for date selection, and eliminating an empty tab from Research/Posts that was interacting with screen readers in error.

  • Load File Import Logic: Updated to ensure all account records are created before any associated invoices are created and to correct broken data lines (that wrap to the next row) when the broken field is encased in quotation marks (e.g., address field with a hidden new line feed character between address line 1 and line 2).

  • Post Format Channels: Ensured that Channels associated with a post format are automatically removed from the post format if the format is deactivated, allowing the Channels to be associated with a new post format.

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