Versapay Team
Cash Application

May 9, 2024: Cash Application Update

AUTHOR: Versapay Team

User-Interface Updates

Enhanced Payment Validation for Fund File Posting

Functionality has been added to restrict posting payments from fund files unless all payments within the fund file are validated. This feature is for post processors that post ECA payments and requires configuration.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • EdiECAProcessor Enhancement: A new processor option allows configuration users to select the appropriate Effective/Settlement Date from one of the multiple date fields in the EDI820 import file, requiring configuration.

  • Go-to-Page Fix: Resolved an issue where the Go-to-Page functionality was broken.

  • Validation Screen Fix: Fixed a bug where the validation screen was breaking when an advice didn't exist for users with the "Display advice inbound email in validation" configuration enabled.

  • Styling Improvements: Improved styling issues on checks in the Review Batch pop-up.

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